Fragile Habits

Some habits are more fragile than others.

Once established, some habits are very delicate. If you miss a day or try to alter them, it’s easy to knock them out of place completely and see them fade out.

Other habits are more resilient. You can push and prod them, change them in different ways, and they still stick pretty well. At the extreme they act like borderline addictions – it’s harder to stop doing them than to keep doing them.

Food Logging

If you’d like to raise your awareness about what you’re actually eating and how it affects you, food logging is a simple and effective way to do this.

Six weeks ago I decided to start keeping a log of everything I ate in a small notebook. I also keep track of calories. I wanted to raise my awareness of what I was eating and how calorically dense each meal was.

Are You Seeking the Approval of Your Limiting Beliefs?

You don’t have to overcome limiting beliefs in order to take action. Thinking that you need to get all your beliefs in order is really just a delay tactic, isn’t it? Fixing your beliefs is an unnecessary prerequisite for action.

Thinking that you need to fix your beliefs first is akin to convincing a doubtful parent that you’re gonna go out and succeed. Nothing you say will convince them. Even if you go out and succeed, they probably still won’t be convinced.

Fear Is an Invitation

It’s common to frame fear as a signal that there’s something scary to avoid, but consider what long-term effect this framing will have. It means that decade after decade, you’ll keep avoiding what you fear. You’ll leave those aspects of life perpetually unexplored.

What if you do the opposite?

What if you frame fear as an invitation instead?

What you fear is an invitation to grow. If you open and accept that invitation, you get to move through the fear and experience what’s beyond the fear.

Sliding Bad Habits Into Good Ones

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post on Honoring Your Hidden Goals, consider that hidden goals are similar to hidden habits. In each case the hidden aspect means that some part of you is finding a way to meet a need or desire that you’re not necessarily acknowledging.

When you identify hidden habits, you can also trace them back to their needs and desires, and then you can devise more deliberate ways to satisfy those desires.

Honoring Your Hidden Goals

When you look back on the past calendar quarter, consider what you actually got done, even if your actions and behaviors didn’t align well with your stated goals. Your time went somewhere, so where did it actually go?

Use the lens of seeing everything you did as an accomplishment, even if your main achievement was watching Game of Thrones. Instead of beating yourself up for what you didn’t do, take a deeper look at what you did do.

So then your achievements might actually look like:

7 Morning Mindfulness Practices to Help You Have an Awesome Day

How often do you feel energized, grounded, and excited for the day when you finish your morning routine?

And what is your morning routine?

Are you one of those people who sleep as late as possible, pound some coffee and a processed breakfast, and then rush to get into work on time? (No judgment—I’ve been there! Gas station java and pop tarts for the win!)

Or do you leave yourself a cushion of time so you can ease into your day feeling centered and invigorated, through some combination of self-care activities?

How to Love Yourself and Break Your Relationship Patterns

“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights up the sky.”  Rumi

I grew up believing love was conditional. My grandmother, as much as I adored her, was extremely controlling, and unless I met her high standards of behavior and gave her a certain level of attention, she treated me with coldness.

How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Protect Your Space and Energy

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”  Buddha

This unprecedented time has given us an opportunity to pause, reflect, and focus on the things that are truly important in our lives. As an unexpected benefit, the need for social distancing has provided many of us with much needed personal boundaries.

If You Think You’re Not Good Enough to Pursue Your Passion

“I think something people need to understand is that others disliking you is not a bad thing. When you are embodying your true authentic self, it creates fear in people who still operate from the ego. If you want to grow, heal, and evolve you have to let go of wanting to be liked.”  Audrey Kitching

Since I was a child, I have always felt a huge need to express myself and let my inspiration flow. I was a creative and playful kid, with a vivid imagination and an enormous passion for writing.