Kick Off Into Your New Life - Video Training

Video Training: This training is a two-day speed course with tools to help you on all levels.

Learn what the Christallin Command is and how to apply it in your life to attract , health, well-being, self healing and abundance.

Next to that we will give you the other Qi (Energy) Power Tools:

– Pong Youp : use your power breath for self healing, relaxation and strengthening of your immune system

-Divine Back Alignment : learn how to align your back with the power of energy and improve vitality and strength

– Remote Chi : send healing from a distance to family, friends and diseased people all over the world

– Theta Sleep : learn and rejuvenate yourself in a deep sleep and wake up happy and healthy

– Karma Management: learn what karma really means and how to make it work for you

– Activation of the Merkaba: when your light body is activated, your chakras and auras are in balance

– Power Matrix ; learn how to make a matrix for everything you need in life, from health to wealth

Price: $ 99,00 Prices can change due to possible promotions

*All products are digital downloads.

Dr. Roy Martina M.D.

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